Great Photography Exhibits and Shows in New York, 2018

Under the influence of modern technologies, photography seems like an ancient skill. Nowadays, people rarely decide to capture photography, unless it is taken with a smartphone (unless they’re a pro photographer). But, for the individuals who enjoy the true art and still want to experience the real meaning of photography, they can visit various shows and exhibitions America has to offer. Here visitors have a unique opportunity to see photos that are taken in the 30s and 40s, which have a significant cultural value. We have a list of exhibits you should attend this fall.

A Walk through Astoria and Other Places in Queens, 1943, September 14 to October 14

Bruce Silverstein has made an extraordinary effort to present A Walk through Astoria and Other Places in Queens, 1943, which was originally made by Rudolph Burkhardt and Edwin Denby. Visitors will have an opportunity to see 71 vintage photography that represents New York in 1939. This is an excellent way to see some past time, architecture and cultural life of people who lived back then.

Herman Leonard: The Rhythm of Old New York, September 14 to October 14

New York City in the fall, vivid colors of the leaves, the sound of the saxophone in a Central Park which resembles some romantic times that takes us to older and better New York. In this sense, the photos of Herman Leonard are a true piece of art, which provides visitors a unique experience, combining a great sound and atmosphere.

To the Stars: Space Photography from the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, June 1 to October 29

Have you ever wanted to experience the depths of the Space, see the distant stars, planets and just look at the world from a different perspective? Well, now you have an opportunity to see NASA’s exhibition, which will give you the real meaning of world that is beyond ours.

John Ruppert: Terra Firma, September 21 to November 4

John Ruppert goes beyond realm with this exhibition, presenting new inventions and investigating natural forces within a framework of material – based processes. Tera Frima is a collection of high-speed photography, full of energy and dynamic systems.